Privacy Policy

The Coral Digital Ltd is the trading name UK company registration no 13193310 with its registered office at 146 Cromer Road, Norwich. NR6 6XN and its officers and employees collect personal information provided by users of this site (e.g. email names and addresses etc.) which are stored on our cloud server. We do not intend or wish to receive or store personal details of any person under 18, so if you are under 18 please ask your parent or guardian to access and use this website instead of you. We have an obligation to contact you from time to time to ensure that the information is up to date, unless you “opt out” as set out below. Please ensure that any information you log onto this Website is accurate at all times.

You may ask us to delete your information at any time. If you wish to receive further information about how we store or use your information, please contact - we use this information for our own purposes to try to improve our service to you and we do not sell it or transfer it to others. You have the right to opt out of this by sending an email to but if you do then we will not be able to use your contact details.