Agency Reimagining the Agency model

Reimagining the Agency model

As we celebrate our launch, Founder & Managing Director, Steve Perry sets out his approach and why agile is the future for digital consultancy.

For over 25 years I have both owned and managed marketing agencies. I fully understand the challenges of recruiting the right team members and crucially, managing digital projects to a profitable outcome. My experience has taught me how to keep the tenuous balance between client expectations, available budget and the often inevitable project & budget creep - the zone in which large and exciting projects can become unmanageable nightmares!

Despite what my years have taught me, I’ve recognised that there’s a problem facing many of us running businesses in the sector that no amount of experience can directly help us to overcome; the biggest barriers I’ve faced (and you have too, no doubt) is that I’ve been limited by only having access to the staff on my payroll - and their specialisms. This means hungry mouths to feed, but doesn’t guarantee that your team is always built to solve the problems your clients are paying you to fix. It needs a refresh and agile is the solution.

Why Coral and why now?

Over the years, it became clear to me that it is not possible for agencies to be all things to all people as is often expected by our clients. The biggest challenge was to find the right resource from existing team members and still deliver a profitable project for the agency. Trying to match the skills of existing teams to client needs was always a delicate balancing act.

Following a series of quite challenging projects I took the unusual step of outsourcing and offshoring my digital development, enabling me to match the skills of developers around the world to the given project requirements. The difference was transformational! I am now able to match a team of trusted developers to any project ensuring that the right people are in place and usually for a fixed fee.

I have subsequently been providing these skills to other agencies who now enjoy all the benefits of this fully comprehensive service. This includes access to our local and offshore teams, my unparalleled experience in project direction and winning pitches, plus crucially, a much clearer view on expected costs and projected profitability.

It’s my vision that Coral is the seasoned support that can aid your agency in delivering better results, without the additional expenditure or stress of scaling your permanent staff in a post-Covid world. If you believe that brave thinking, honest conversations and bold actions are required to bring about change for your marketing agency, let’s talk and breathe some new life into your digital ecosystem.

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